Consultation Services



Kavanna House has learned much about creating and growing a spiritual formation center since our founding in 2011. We now regularly receive inquiries from individuals and organizations who feel called to explore similar work. Kavanna House is committed to helping those who have a need or an interest in learning more about how we do what we do.

As a small organization with a gifted, but small, team, we have formalized our consultation services to enable us to offer the best possible support within our existing capacities. The process for securing consultation services from Kavanna House is outlined below.

  • Request for Consultation Services: Those interested in consultation services from Kavanna House must first complete a Consultation Request Form and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. She will contact the requesting person/organization to provide information about fees and the initial complimentary 30 minute intake discussion.
  • Initial Intake Discussion: An initial 30 minute discussion (in person, by phone, Zoom or Skype) is complementary. This time should be used to outline desires for the relationship and timeframe. Completion of a Preparation Questions for Complimentary Consultation form prior to this appointment is required.

 Initial consultation sessions will not include the sharing of any printed materials or guidelines from Kavanna House. Subsequent consultation sessions may include some printed materials or guidelines pursuant to Kavanna House policies on the use of materials by outside groups.

At the end of the complimentary session, Kavanna House will engage in a period of discernment with you to determine if the consultation relationship will continue. If continued, there are two types of consultation relationships offered.  The fee structures for each will be independently discussed with potential clients.


Work Hour Retainer Agreement:

  • A defined fee per work hour for subsequent consulting sessions and necessary preparatory work by Kavanna House
  • All clients will be electronically invoiced with payment expected upon receipt
  • Most suitable for first time clients of Kavanna House who have defined projects with specific benchmarks and deadlines (i.e., development of a course, establishing a center)

Access Retainer Agreement:

  • A monthly fee for access to Kavanna staff for response to emails and/or phone calls which require no preparatory work for response; if preparatory work is needed, then work hour retainer fees will be incurred in minimum 15 minute increments
  • All clients will be electronically invoiced monthly with payment expected upon receipt
  • Most suitable for ongoing relationships where questions and support are less frequent but often time sensitive