Help Needed

The neatly lettered cardboard sign read "Need Help". It was held by a man at the exit of the grocery store parking lot. He looked to be at least in his 60's or maybe his weathered look was simply the toll of the years on his thin frame. Although he held the sign upright so it was readable, his eyes were downcast and only occasionally...
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Image of God

"For those willing to keep heaving themselves toward the light, things can change. What has been lost gradually becomes less important than what is to be found. Curiosity pokes its green head up through the asphalt of grief, and fear of the unknown takes on an element of wonder as the disillusioned turn away from the God who was supposed to be in o...
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Today I am grateful for...

Today I am grateful for: My family, friends, a home, a job, a church home, the ability to see, hear, walk, talk, think, for pain, for problems and difficulties of diverse sorts. The first set of items listed I may go for days without noticing they are part of my life. Like the air I breathe into my lungs, they are important and necessary, and perha...
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I Chose You

  Did you ever have one of those times where you felt inadequate for the journey that is before you? Where you just felt you just weren't "enough", whatever that means? In the past few days, I've been wrestling with God over this, trying to recall His promises that might speak to this feeling of emptiness. And, as I tried to recall G...
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For Longing

  FOR LONGING Blessed be the longing that brought you here And quickens your soul with wonder. May you have the courage to listen to the voice of desire That disturbs you when you have settled for something safe. May you have the wisdom to enter generously into your own unease To discover the new direction your longing wants you to take. May t...
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Something More

There is something moreā€¦.. Like the constant dripping of the faucet, a background noise, is a nagging complaint running through my head, "There is more; I want more, there has to be more." I try to shut it out, and override the grievance with other thoughts. Or I busy myself with tasks and distractions until that voice becomes smaller and less...
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Encountering Hope

During the summer season, days are filled with nature's warmth and light, inviting us to bask in its gifts. Nature is alive and evident in marvelous ways, and my desire is to soak it all in. While I'm realistic enough to know that I will miss many glimpses of The Divine in this season, I still have hope that I will slow down, pause, and notice what...
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Emerging With the Season

Seasons come and seasons go; a time for everything. So it is with blogs, at least for ours. After a lengthy break, the time has come for us to re-emerge. Our prayer is that we will stay in rhythm with God's desire in all the seasons of this blog. We will offer reflections, questions, quotes, and anything that has risen to the surface in our spiritu...
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